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Urban Vintage

Mid-Century Coffee Table- Bent Teak Wood

Mid-Century Coffee Table- Bent Teak Wood

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Mid-century coffee table surprises with a wonderful wood bent and a pleasant geometrical symmetry. 

If you want to bend wood, you have to trick two of its main components: cellulose, which gives wood its tensile strength, and lignin, which is responsible for compressive strength. In order to do so, both of these components have to be relaxed. Otherwise, the wood would just break. So, what’s the trick? The wood needs to be saturated with steam under pressure. This makes the cellulose more elastic and the lignin softer, and the new elastic wood will bend along its fibres ‒ and, after drying, its newly acquired shaped will be just even more stable then before.

You can find out more about the fascinating process that this wonderful coffee table has been through on our blog. 

Designer: Unknown 

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