Matteograssi - A Story about the Finest Furniture, set in Brianza, Italy

Matteograssi - A Story about the Finest Furniture, set in Brianza, Italy

In 1880, the Grassi family began their legacy in beautiful city of Brianza, Italy, by crafting horse equipment like saddles and reins. Post-World War II, they embraced northern Italy's industrial boom, diversifying into various leather goods for homes and public spaces. By the late 1970s, Matteo Grassi had earned global acclaim for his exquisite leather furniture, including chairs, sofas, tables, and beds, with Tito Agnoli's Korium Armchair (1979) as a standout piece.

By the 1950s-70s, they were producing leather components for various furniture companies, leading to the founding of Matteograssi in 1978. Their first product, the Korium armchair, marked their foray into design-focused furnishings.

Matteograssi's success stems from its high-quality leather, processed from European livestock hides using meticulous, traditional methods alongside modern technologies. Despite incorporating modern machinery, much of their leatherwork remains handcrafted, preserving century-old techniques.

In 2016, Matteograssi was acquired by CCM Srl, a global leader in airport interiors, thus broadening its scope to include designing and managing public space projects. This acquisition by CCM, known for its comprehensive approach to airport interior design and modern technology integration, added a significant dimension to Matteograssi's expertise in furniture.

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